How the Deal Was Done

How The Deal Was Done - Episode 3: Joanne Murray, Antheil Maslow & MacMinn

April 25, 2019

In this episode, our guest is Joanne Murray, Partner at the law firm Antheil Maslow & MacMinn in Doylestown, PA.

Joanne is committed to helping small business owners achieve their goals. From inception to business maturity, Joanne
serves as an experienced and insightful counselor to business owners as they face the financial, legal and operational
challenges that are an inevitable part of the life cycle of a business.

Sometimes the ghosts of owners past and present make an appearance at inopportune moments.  We invite you to join us as Joanne shares how a ghost at the closing table almost scared away a deal!

Antheil Maslow & MacMinn

215-230-7500, ext. 115

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